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Going home

After a full year working, I have decided to take a few days off to rest. I was feeling a burnout coming, not only because of work but also because I have decided to become more social and attend a few events. My Grandpa's anniversary was coming up. He passed away four years ago in March. Every year, my family in Gambia do a little ceremony to commemorate. They invite Imams to recite the Coran and we give away some food and drinks.

This year I decided to attend. I took the bus with my Dad to go spend a week in The Gambia.

The famous Arch
The Gambia is like a second home to me. I have been going there nearly every year since I turned 6. My grandfather lived there with half of our family. Every Summer we would all go and stay in my Grandfather's compound for one week to 10 days. Sometimes my cousins from Senegal would join us and the house would be full. When I became a teenager, I would go for one month. It was great that my Aunt, the last child of my Grandfather, was the same a…

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