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What to wear at an office Holiday Party

It is that time of the year again. The year is coming to an end and we are rushing here and there to buy our family Christmas presents and making party plans with friends. In my country of Senegal,  many offices plan Christmas or year end parties. Sometimes they invite the family, hire an entertainer and offer gifts to the kids. Other times, the party is low key with just the staff, some random decoration and good food in the office.

Unfortunately for me, my company does not do Holiday parties. I was very disappointed when I found out but that won't stop me from telling you what you should wear if ever your office has a Holiday party.

Office Holiday parties could come in two or three forms like I said earlier. Let us start with the first

Low key party at the office (after work style)

Those parties are really simple and sometimes cheaper for the company. They just decorate a bit and hire a caterer. But they are the trickiest to get dressed for because you have to find an outfit that ca…

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